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Vivian Tran
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Digital art and graphics.
All resources used in my works go to their respective owners.

Aliases: Elo, Seo, Seolin


Speed Drawing of: OC Nyn (Sketch)
OC Nyn (NGNL) by tivee
-woot woot- been a long time since I updated my dA, and I've been working on this character for a couple of days Meow :3 
i made Nyn specially for a collab in the making with a friend *u* probably won't be posted soon, but in the meantime here's some background on Nyn!

First and foremost, I was inspired by a lot of things creating Nyn's physical appearance--Jibril from the anime No Game No Life, and the mmo Vindictus. +shy
I had a couple of ideas in my head--sexy, but not too voluptuous...playful, yet intelligent. And tada! Nyn was brought to life. 


She's a succubus (or temptress/seductress *cough cough*) who was shunned from the village she lived in as a child. Her mother was a succubus, and her father a human male. 
In this alternate fantasy world, there are 4 races that coexist with each other. The succubi/incubi happen to be one of them. However, a treaty exists in which they are not allowed to cross over into a different race's country.
Nyn was born when her human father fell in love with her succubus mother, who had illegally escaped her abusive home and was secretly living on human land disguised as a human (succubi in this world can hide their prominent features such as horns and wings). Despite all the efforts she took to avoid him, he continuously followed her until she would take notice of him. He had met her while visiting a nearby village and spotted her working at the inn he was staying at. They eventually fell in love and even had a child together. Nyn's father was still unaware he had conceived a baby with not a human female, but a succubus. Nyn's mother kept this secret for years.

And thus, Nyn grew up healthy and happily. When she turned 4, Nyn sprouted her tiny horns and wings. It was then that Nyn's mother explained to her that they were not human, but succubi. Her horns and wings were clipped by her mother every week, even though it was excruciatingly painful. Nyn could not comprehend why they had to be cut--she was only told that "humans don't like them". 

One day, Nyn escaped from her mother's clutches before "they" were to be cut. Ignoring the shouting and screaming behind her, Nyn laughed and happily skipped through the village, as if she were playing a game. It was only until she ran into the village guards did she catch the disgusted, terrified look on their faces. Nyn and her mother were immediately thrown out of the village--her father was not informed, only told that they had "abandoned him". In a split second, Nyn's world was turned upside down. Her and her mother went on for years living in the woods located on the outskirts of town, scavenging for food and barely getting by. When Nyn turned 18, her mother passed away in the den they lived in. 

Her last words were, "I don't think I can ever forgive you, my daughter." 


And that's Nyn's background! You can imagine how her personality developed after that. Full of hatred for the village that ruined her life, she began putting her succubus powers to use--secretly luring the villagemen one by one into her den and sleeping with them--it was then that they would fall under the succubus' spell and become a slave to her. She would kill them afterwards--it was her plan to destroy the whole village. 
pixel status bar : commissions by akiicchi

[ O P E N ]

*note me with subject as 'commission' and a reference
*will draw: fanart, OCs, game characters, cute things
*will not draw: explicit nudity, mecha, old people, fat/muscular people, animals, gore

Will only accept Paypal at this time.



cm: Hosuke by tiveecm: Lann by tivee




pixel status bar : art trades by akiicchi

[ C L O S E D ]

*requests for art trades are closed.

pixel status bar : requests by akiicchi

[ C L O S E D ]

*requests only open when a journal post is made.

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[ A S K ]

*note me with subject as "collab" and we'll discuss further!

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